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Rubin 0-0 Arsenal: Kurban Berdyev Speaks


FC Rubin head coach Kurban Berdyev shares his impressions after today's 0-0 draw with Arsenal Tula.

- It was a match of two different halves. Our youngsters were not as confident in the first half as they were in the second half. I'm satisfied with the performance, but not the result.

- Why was Artur Sagitov substituted? How would you assess his performance today?

- He played well, especially in the second half. He got tired then and was replaced. If he had been able to keep on moving, he would apparently have played the entire match. If he carries on like that, he will make progress. His convertion rate leaves much to be desired, but it's a general problem in the team. He is a hard worker

- Could you please assess today's Premier League debut of Roman Akbashev?

- Not bad, especially in the second half. Roman needs more confidence. However he looks more confident at trainings now. He produced a decent performance today, but he could play even better. Also, I am satisfied with Stepanov's performance in the second half.

- Rubin employed short passing quite often today, especially in the second half. Was it for the purposes of today's game only? Will Rubin continue to play like this?

- It depends on the situation and how congested the opponents' defence is

- Why did Igor Konovalov commit a lot of unforced errors today?

- I'm going to ask him too (laughs). I believe, because of being nervous to a certain extent. He was looking for a key pass, a quick decision-making. However a quick decision is not always the right one.

- Are you pleased with Podberezkin, Bukharov, Poloz who came on today as substitutes? Were they a reinforcement today?

- They were but only at irregular intervals today. Anyway they should have contributed much more. Their trio is supposed to be a huge reinforcement in a game where they come on as substitutes, but it did not seem to work out today.

- Bayramyan missed today's fixture because of an injury, didn't he?

- Yes, he's had a minor injury since the day before yesterday, unfortunately. Hopefully he will be fit for the next match.

- Tsallagov had to play a centreback today. How would you assess his performance?

- He did it well. He is an experienced player who can help a partner. He is a wingman himself, so he and Ustinov coped quite well in terms of defence today. ​

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