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Rubin 0-2 Rostov: Aleksandr Bukharov Speaks


FC Rubin striker Aleksandr Bukharov shares his postmatch impressions following the 2-0 home defeat to FC Rostov

- How would you assess the match? What happened at the end of the game?

- We played well and did not deserve to lose. It was a matter of luck in certain situations where we did not utilise our chances. Rostov offered a simpler game plan with long balls and rebounds. They had opportunities as well, but I believe, we played better than them. 

-  According to Mr. Vitaliy Kafanov the first half Rubin offered today has been the team's best half of the current season so far. What do you think of that?

- Mr. Berdyev praised us for that too, we played well and as I was saying we did not deserve to lose today.

-You took a shot on goal despite being fouled. Would the referee have awarded a penalty kick if you had fallen down?

- I don't know, I'm not a referee to decide, I did not fall, it was a chance, I crossed, unfortunately we failed to score.

- How would you assess the defensive performance of Rostov, in general?

- They offered tight defending today with two central midfielders dropping back. We expected they would play like that, but we did not utilise our chances and so we lost

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