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OTMTS Ahead of the Rostov: Egor Sorokin Speaks


FC Rubin centreback Egor Sorokin shares his expectations from the upcoming home fixture against Rostov during today’s open-to-media training session

- Egor, how is the preparation for the Rostov fixture going? What do you think of their team?

- We are training normally, everything´s going well. It´s going to be a tough match, not easy at all, for Rostov are quite experienced and well-organised

- Vitaliy Kafanov is a person who has just left Rubin to face the Kazan side a week after, a person who knows everything about your team. Has everything changed in terms of preparation? Are you rehearsing anything new to try and take by surprise the man who knows everything about Rubin.

- It’s life. Such things may happen. Any way we are training normally.

- Any new piece or pattern?

- We will see. Set-pieces of Rostov are going to be very dangerous. We should pay a lot of attention to their set-pieces. Vitaly Kafanov also might invent some new piece to take us by surprise, so we’re going to be on alert.

- You are one of the most experienced players in the current squad now. Do you feel responsible for your partners now?

- We help each other both on and off the pitch. I do feel responsibility, I’m playing more often now and I can’t let down the coach.

- Have you got used to playing without Navas by your side?

- Vladimir Granat, Filip Uremovic and Ruslan Kambolov are good defenders.

- You have not been called up to the National team this time? What is your reaction?

- Every player hopes to be called up. One should never give up and keep working hard to be called up to the National team.

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