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OTMTS Ahead of the Rostov: Kurban Berdyev Speaks


Open-to-media training session: FC Rubin head coach Mr. Kurban Berdyev shares his expectations from the upcoming fixture against Rostov

- Mr. Berdyev, how is the preparation for the Rostov fixture going? Are there any injured players?

- We are training normally. Unfortunately, Sagitov will be not be eligible due to a nose injury. He will travel to order a protection mask. The rest of the players are available for the Saturday's fixture.

- Vitaliy Kafanov left FC Rubin to join Rostov a week ago. Is one week enough to train any patterns to take him by surprise? Have you modified anything ahead of the upcoming match? 

- No, we haven't. He knows everything we did. But we are trying to use some new set-pieces

-  What do you think of Rostov?

- They have changed as high-class players such Eremenko and Popov have joined them. Both of them are a reinforcement. They still need some time for adaptation, but the quality of their squad has increased.

- Facing them now is more preferable than at the end of the league, isn't it?

- Yes, it is. Once they recover momentum, they will become pretty dangerous.

- In view of the possible UEFA ban and the fact that it is difficult to aspire to qualify for the European competitions, are you working on any long-term goals?

- We are working on it little by little. Not all the younger players are mentally mature enough. Sagitov is confident. Stepanov is reaching another level now. Abdullin is calmer now. He still feels the pressure to start the game, but he´s becoming more self-confident. Unfortunately, our homegrown player David Volk has got an injury, but he’s a very promising player. Mikushin and Agapov look quite decent in training sessions.

- It is the first time Stanislav Cherchesov has not called up a single Rubin player? Was it a surprise?

- No, it is a decision of the head coach of the Russia National Team and I can’t discuss it.

- Was it because of their poorer performances lately, wasn’t it?

- There are some complaints, in particular regarding our last game. I can’t discuss decisions of the head coach of the Russia national team, but I think our players provided grounds for not being called up

- What about a serious talk with Uremovic after the cup fixture?

- We had it and I think Filip will learn from it

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