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Kurban Berdyev's Postmatch Press Conference


Olimp Russian Cup Quarterfinal: Rubin Kazan 0-1 Lokomotiv Moscow

FC Rubin head coach Mr. Kurban Berdyev shares his postmatch impressions

- I'm pleased with the performance and the fact that our youngsters looked quite good. Unfortunately, Uremovic let the team down

- Which is the game you liked most the Akhmat fixture or today´s match in terms of quality of football?

- Today our team played quite well in certain moments. It's good news. Now the youngsters are becoming more confident both in day-to-day work during the preseason and on a matchday. So we are quite optimistic about our younger players. 

- The second half was more solid for your side than the first one, at least until the sending off? Was it because of any message delivered at half-time or was it Kambolov's credit?

- Our younger boys felt quite nervous in the first half, especially Abdullin, Stepanov and Sagitov. They became self-confident in the second half. We are satisfied with the performance the team delivered and optimistic about the future

- Was Sagitov supposed to play man-to-man against Kverkvelia

- Нет, он играл зону, но так получалось при этой системе расстановки, что они играли друг против друга. No, it was a zone marking, but the formation implied their opposition

- Vitaliy Kafanov has left the club. Will it affect the team?

- It's a big loss for the team. I think, he is the best goalkeeper coach in Russia. He was in charge of set-pieces as well which helped us a lot. We wish him good luck. Life must go on

- Кто будет отвечать за стандарты? Who will be in charge of set-pieces now?

- Yakub Urazsakhatov    

- Konovalov was a sweeper keeper today. Was it his objective today or was it because of the flow of the game?

- It was because of the flow of the game

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