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Rubin 1-1 Spartak: Kurban Berdyev's Postmatch Press Conference


FC Rubin head coach shares his impressions from today's 1-1 draw with FC Spartak

- Today's fixture was the game when one could be pleased with the play but not the result. I think, guys have deserved more today. But thanks God we played till the end and scored.

 Mr. Berdyev, could you please share some details of the substitution with Sorokin coming on. What were your instructions to him and why did you make such a decision?

⁃ We needed to create some pressure upfront. Bukharov came on quite well, but we needed one more player to win aerial duels, pick up rebounds and so on. My message to Egor was that he should stay upfront, seek for headers after cross deliveries and it's just what he did it. 

 Regarding yesterday's interview with German Zonin, it sounded scary to the club's supporters as he said that the things were really bad at the club

⁃ First of all, I don't have his phone number, it was a club's officer who put me on. I thought he would ask something, but he was worried about the club and asked how we were doing. I said that there were certain financial problems but they could be settled. That was the conversation. I'm very grateful both to Mr. Zonin and Mr. Lykin who helped me become a football coach. The interview looked like I was complaining, but I'm not a young boy to be complaining. It's well-known what kind of people we are. You know quite well what we experienced throughout our path as football coaches, there has always been a deficit of some things, so we are used to such situations. 

 Azmoun and Mogilevets are injured. How did it happen and how long will it take?

⁃ Regarding the term of their recovery now, I don't know yet, it depends. It was a set-piece training, both were anxious to win the ball, there was a clash and both got injured. 

Was today's lineup of Spartak a surprise? Especially, Bocchetti as a defensive midfielder and that they use four-man at the back rather than five.  

⁃ No, it was not a surprise. I knew Salva could play there. Long ago when he was at Rubin I knew Salvattore could play as a defensive midfielder, if necessary. There was a time when we had some problems in that zone and I was considering that option. He is quite an intelligent player, tactically good, good passer of the ball, so today's role of Bocchetti was not a surprise at all.  

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