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Kurban Berdyev Speaks Ahead of the Spartak Fixture


FC Rubin Kurban Berdyev speaks to the media ahead of the upcoming RPL gameweek 12 fixture against Spartak Moscow

- Rubin are to play two games in five days. How fit is the team? Are there any players whose participation is ruled out?

- We don't have any concern regarding the team's fitness. Tsallagov will be available for the game, so I think everyone will be available thanks God. 

- Is it harder to play against those teams which have just experienced a change in manager? How different will the opposition be in terms of morale?

- Actually, we don't pay too much attention to that. Normally, there is always a reaction after a change in manager. I think, Spartak will seek to play in the same manner they did in Glasgow against Rangers where they were quite dynamic  

- Do you mind saying a couple of words of Raul Riancho whom you know personally...

- I'd better not now. Let's speak about football

- Normally you tend to analise opposition teams very thoroughly. Regarding the upcoming Spartak fixture, what will be the starting point of your analysis?

- Their game against Rangers showed many things. I think, this game will be a starting point of our analysis

- How does Soslan Dzhanaev feel? Will he play against Spartak?

- No, he will not play against Spartak. I think, maybe after the next international break, provided that he looks better that the other goalkeepers.  

- Have you decided on the goalkeeper for the Spartak fixture?

- No, it is Vitaly Kafanov, the goalkeeper coach, who decides on a matchday. 

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