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Egor Sorokin on Today's Victory


 FC Rubin defender Egor Sorokin shares his impressions from today's cup victory over FC Dinamo Moscow 

⁃  Kurban Berdyev and Dmitry Khokhlov said that it was a typical cup game. How would you assess the game? There were not too many chances, were there?

⁃  It was a tough cup game. It could have lasted 120 minutes. It's good that we won, we scored, we were patient

⁃ The flow of the game changed after the goal was scored. Was it because Rubin gave up initiative or was it because Dinamo started taking chances and pushing up?

⁃  I think it was because Dinamo started taking chances. In general, I think we had the flow of the game under control except the last five minutes. But it's football. There are some mistakes, but we are trying to correct them, we are working and moving on. 

⁃ The Spartak fixture will be played soon. Will there be enough recovery time?

⁃ Our masseurs and doctors will help. We are professionals, we will be fit again and return to action

⁃ Is it important for FC Rubin to qualify for the European competitions this season to serve the UEFA ban as soon as possible? Do you discuss it with the teammates?

⁃ Everyone wants to prove himself, we want to finish as high up the table as we can. And we want to qualify for the European competitions. We don't discuss it with partners, our attitude has not changed. We step on the pitch and try to win every game.  

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