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Ruslan Kambolov: Everything Is Alright in the Team


Rubin midfielder Ruslan Kambolov shares his expectations from the upcoming ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian Championship MD-16 fixture against Zenit Saint Petersburg.

- Ruslan, which was the main conclusion you made after the match against Ufa? What should be done in order not to repeat those mistakes?

- It was all about losing concentration at the end of the match and it let us down. We have already analyzed the game as well as our mistakes. We will try to avoid those mistakes in this weekend’s match.

- What would you say about Zenit? Zenit are one the league’s leading teams, but with their latest results they are not in their perfect streak.

- Regarding their first half against Lokomotiv, they played quite well. In the second half Lokomotiv took advantage of their opportunities and scored goals. Zenit are a good team, we have not won them since long ago. So we will set our mind on victory.

- How should Rubin play in order to win against Zenit?

- First of all, we should be very consistent in defense, keep concentrated, not to make mistakes and we should fight.

- What is the main difference between today’s Rubin and the Rubin of Javi Gracia? Are there any differences in terms of football and atmosphere inside the team?

- I prefer not to make any comparisons between the current and the previous head coach, it’s not my scope of work. Everything’s alright in the team. Certainly, we have not won since long ago, there is certain burden because of this, but we have to be strong and succeed and prove ourselves this weekend, prove that we can win.

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