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Kurban Berdyev: The Second Half Was Quite Good


During the postmatch press-conference Rubin head coach Kurban Berdyev made up a summary of the ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian Championship MD-14 fixture between Rubin and Dinamo (0:0)

- Two different halves were played. In the first half we were too cautious, afraid to make a mistake. The second half was quite good. There were quite a lot of chances but our goal conversion rate could have been better.

-      Why did two halves turn out to be so different?

-      Well, because of being self-constrained, afraid of making a mistake and concede some counter attack which Dinamo is good at.

-      Do you have an understanding why so few supporters are coming to the stadium?

-      It´s because of the result. If there is a good result, then the supporters will come more.

-      Azmoun didn´t score again despite having good chances.

-      In Rostov last season, Azmoun also had such a period with many chances but without scoring goals, but then he broke through scoring well both in Russian League and Champions League. So we shall wait. I believe in him.

-      Kanunnikov doesn´t score either. What is the reason, in your opinion?

-      Well, it´s the same, it’s because of being self-constrained. It will be getting better. Of course, it’s a pity that we are losing points not taking advantage of our chances. But the most important thing is that we do have such chances.

-      Can we expect that Rubin will start the next match with the same dynamic performance as we finished today´s match?

-      We hope for it. Rifat Zhemaletdinov has come off the bench quite well today. So we will be improving our game.  

-      What if we play with three forwards from the very beginning?

-      We played like this before but then it did not imply that pressure from inside that we wanted. The thing is that Zhemaletdinov was not in his best conditions when he came back from the U21 National team. WithAzmoun it is the same. Now they are improving their conditions. Previously we played with the trio of Kanunnikov, Gokdeniz, Lestienne, now it seems to be more like Kanunnikov, Azmoun and Zhemaletdinov.  

-      From your point of view, what is the reason for not being able to score today? Was it because of Rubin players´nervousness or Anton Shunin´s performance?

- Both. During the last situation which took place right at the end of the match, he played really well showing good diving skills though Azmoun´s shot was really good and right to the low corner. With God´s favour, hopefully, he will break through. He should keep on working, there is no other way out. We are working a lot to improve our goal scoring and during trainings there is certain improvement. But you know training is one thing and the matchday is another thing. With God´s favour, hopefully, we will improve it.

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