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Kurban Berdyev: We Are Preparing Seriously


Kurban Berdyev, the head coach of Rubin, shares his expectations from the upcoming Rosgosstrakh Russian Championship MD-14 against Dinamo Moscow.

- Mr. Berdyev, has the first victory after the long-lasting losing streak changed anything in terms of morale and psychology?

- Yes, it certainly has. Even at the end of our last away game in Rostov you could see that the only thing our guys were seeking was just to protect our lead. Now that pressure has gone. I think that this victory has given us certain relief and put away the pressure.

- What could you say about Dinamo? Which are the strengths and weaknesses of this team?

- Any team has its strengths and weaknesses. We have analyzed the opponent just like any other team. I would like to emphasize that their last victory gave them certain emotional lift as the old trainer had come back, the one who knows them well as well as they know him. So their last weekend's victory has inspired them and we are preparing for this match quite seriously.  

- Has Dmitry Khokhlov already contributed any specific things?

- No, I think it´s too early still. At this moment he must be seeking those things he had been doing before.

- Oleg Kuzmin is training wearing a face mask now. Will he be fit for the game?

- Well, he still needs some more time. We have still to protect him. A player’s health is a priority for us, but we obviously lack a player like him.

- Is there any other player who will be back?

- Thanks God, all those players who have been injured are available now.

- Rochina and Song have not been lined up since long ago. Does it mean that you have already defined the core team?

- There was a certain number of players who had lost their shape and conditions due to certain reasons. In case of Song, they were some family problems. Now it is solved. Regarding the rest of them we tried to take advantage of the international break and worked well, so now we have more than enough players available and it's a headache whom to lineup.

- There will be a Cup match in the middle of the week. Shall we expect any rotation?

- There will be a certain rotation in the Russian Cup match, but not in the League.

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